Snow Driving - Dangerous Recipe For Car Accidents

Snow is back in Massachusetts and today is one of those days that you have to pay a lot of attention when driving.  Snow’s mixture of ice and water is a dangerous recipe for car accidents each winter storm. Several cars ran off the road and some ended up stuck in the snow or in ditches. So keep in mind a few quick tips for safe snow driving:

Whenever Possible, Do Not Drive In the Snow
Only drive in snow when you cannot avoid it. This is the best way to avoid a car accident.

Don’t Follow Too Closely
Try to leave at least twice the space you normally would, if not triple too be extra safe.

Brake Smart
To brake in the snow, give yourself plenty of time before you come to a stop sign or red light.

Increase Your Visibility
Be sure to clear snow off all your windows and your roof before beginning your trip.

Drive Extra Slow.
It takes four to ten time longer to brake on snow or ice-covered pavement than it does on dry pavement.


The insurance company is going to recommend one of their preferred shops. They have arrangements with shops that will do some of the work (such as photographing your car) for the insurance company. You are not required to go to one of their shops. You can go to any shop you choose.

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